What makes us different

When backpacking and travelling in Europe Corlius was exposed to a greater diversity of approaches to travel.   All these experiences in 28 countries on 4 continents helped him to develop a unique style of travel.  He is currently the founder of the Pretoria branch of CouchSurfing, the international social network for travellers.


Corlius has acquired a national reputation since the mid 1980s of organising unique trips which has rarely or never been done before.   For instance, he designs unique trips in the Himalaya by selecting and combining existing routes.  In 1991 he became one of the first South Africans to lead an overland tour as far north as Burundi since Africa's independence in the 1960s.


In the Nepal Himalaya Corlius’ business partners, Chheten Sherpa and Nurbu Sherpa guide the treks. They are assisted by local porters.  Chheten and Nurbu have led treks to most of the highest peaks in the world.  They live above the materialist needs of the modern world.



Our style of travelling


A unique blend of spontaneous free travelling and structured organisation.  Over the years we have developed a style in which we conduct tours according to a schedule while maintaining a freewheeling bohemian spirit.  No macho army-style travelling!  Based on our past clients’ reactions, we like to claim that our approach is totally unique.

Even though we lead tours to well-known destinations, we don’t do the tourist circuit.  We do not recreate the comfort zones of home.  We travel with a relaxed attitude in a practical vehicle and sleep in sensible accommodation.  Our mission is to create interesting and authentic experiences.

What we expect of you (we mean this):


Bring along

An honest desire to connect with yourself and your surroundings

An open mind

A sense of humour

A sense of adventure

A sense of wonder

Energy and spontaneity


Leave behind

Preconceptions – Our workshops and tours are about exploring new ways of living and thinking.

F.E.A.R  ~  False Evidence Appearing Real. We see fear as the number one cause of unhappiness in this world.

Devices and attitudes that will dilute your experience – it is difficult to experience reality if your nose and fingers are stuck to your smart phone’s HD screen. And if you ears are covered by headphones that drown out reality with music.



What you can expect from us


Professional photography and video advice.

Advice on camping and backpacking gear – what and where to buy.

We are not experts on plants and animals – we focus on human beings!

We are interested in true freedom – which means that morals and ethics are of paramount importance to us.  We tolerate neither stuck-up nor out-of-control behaviour.  Our tours are designed to allow you to experience the almost-forgotten basic human rights of freedom of movement and expression.


Adventure is a balancing act between the security of the known and the uncertainty of the unknown.  Too much of either, and it is no longer an adventure.  Over the years we have managed to create a safe context within which clients are able to immerse themselves in transformational experiences.  Perhaps you can have your cake and eat it!


South Africa has an awful crime and violence record.  Therefore we take you to places that reaffirm the notion that life is worth living. You will return invigorated and feeling that life is worth living well.




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