In a story something happened.  At the end of the story things are different from what they were at the beginning.  You undertake a journey to find what you need.  Someone or something provide your motivation.  You need change. Your transformation during this journey or process becomes your authentic story.


We understand ourselves and our world by weaving stories or narratives.  Our narrative consists of our interaction with our environment:  Narratives form our individual and group identities.  If we are interested in self-development, we identify recurring themes, symbols and images.  We can see the continuity or discontinuity of our personal story.


At certain times in history we lose the grand narratives. This fact has profound consequences. We live in such a time.


Do you live your own story?  Are you trying to be someone else who is living now or who lived before?  Do you live a fictional life through TV and magazines?

An aware life is an interesting and authentic life.


A Traveller is changed by going on a journey.

Tourists see what they planned to see; only the landscape changes.


If life is a stage, there is no dress rehearsal.


Life is a story, or not...




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