• Are you guys a serious bunch?


He he!  A person who has no sense of humour is a person who lacks perspective or true wisdom.  We like to think that we have done enough and seen enough to sense our place in the greater scheme of things.



  • Somewhere in the website you imply that you don’t know all the Latin names for the plants and animals we’ll encounter.  What to do?


Yes, our emphasis is on people and the atmosphere we experience as we encounter nature in all her moods and guises.  However, if you insist, we have friends who are experts in these areas.  They can jump aboard for a reasonable fee (space permitting).



  • My ancestors had a strong connection with nature.  Would I be able to experience something similar on the trip?


If you are open to the world, miracles can happen.  The Buddha observed:  “We don’t grow from experience, but from our capacity for experience.”



  •  Are you affiliated to or do you support a religious or political group?


Emphatically not.  For too long the world and its inhabitants have been severely wounded by fundamentalists.  We are interested in the whole human being and our relationships to all creatures.  And while we’re at it, we have some serious fun along this journey called Life.



  • Any ..... ?


Love and light to all.  Life is meant to be lived!





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