To be a person upon whom nothing is lost - Henry James


Truth is a pathless land.

There is no guide or law or tradition that ill lead you to it,

but your own constant and intelligent awareness - Krishnamurti


"The great enemy of life is unawareness .  The most important task in life is getting the heart and imagination involved in a drama of heart, mind and spirit.  All stories heighten human perceptions, and so add something to human awareness, pushing unawareness and unconsciousness further back.  This is the most important thing in life – the universe is a pilgrimage, a cavalcade, towards light, to diminish darkness and illuminate shadow.  This would really be leading a religious life:  working to diminish unawareness "


- Laurence van der Post



be here now


Only the here and now is real

What are you doing here and now to live a meaningful life?

Who are you in this moment?

How do you interact with this environment right now?

Is the activity you are engaged in now, meaningful or a waste of time

Does lack of purpose prevent you from enjoying the moment?


Awareness dispels and rationalises fear.  When fear is the overriding emotion present, no transformation (story) is possible.  No journey can happen.  So living in fear excludes potential to travel.  Life is a journey, not a destination.  So fear makes living impossible, only existing.


One's first step in wisdom is to question everything and one's last is to come to terms with everything - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg




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