Zen  –  to be the moment


These nature photographs below were taken while spending time in remote wilderness and mountainous areas – trekking in groups and alone.  Poetic photographs happen when external scenes correspond with internal states of mind.


Nature provides one with a space which unlike the city, does not make constant sensory and cerebral demands.  A space where mind is calm and spirit expands.  It just is.


Photography enables me to create and define a personal relationship between culture and nature. Relatively speaking the images present nature as art:  It was not necessary to cultivate nature to turn it into art – at those moments the connection between subject and object transformed it into art.





No exhibitions currently happening.




Previous Exhibitions


Photographic group exhibition - Oewersicht Art Village - Pretoria, SA 1997

Glimpses  solo photographic exhibition - Voir Gallery - Pretoria, SA 1997

Photographic group exhibition  with Roger Ballen,Cloete Breytenbach,Dook - Karoo Gallery.Pretoria, - Pretoria, SA 2007

Fine Arts group exhibition - Stone Lion Cafe - Pretoria, SA 2008

Fine arts group exhibition - Gallery on the Yard - Pretoria, SA 2008

Fine arts group exhibition - Johan Smit Art Gallery - Clarens, SA 2009

Fine arts group exhibition with Gordon Froud etc. - Pandora Art House - Pretoria, SA 2010

Fine arts group exhibition " A beautiful mind" - Pretoria, SA 2016



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